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Fostering a recently retired greyhound is the most important volunteer activity you can provide to help more dogs get adopted. The more foster families we have, the more dogs we can have in our program. The more dogs we have available for adoption, the more applications we get. It’s that simple.

Foster families are typically current greyhound owners who have the time and commitment to help more hounds get adopted. Former greyhound owners and others who are interested in helping retired racers also are considered for this important work.

Fosters take recently retired hounds and help them learn to be pets, adjust to their new lives and teach them basic skills such as:

  • How to go up and down steps
  • Walk on slick floors
  • Walk obediently on leash.
  • Simple obedience commands such as wait, no and good.
  • Car riding
  • Not to run into glass doors and windows
  • Maintaining housebreaking
  • Living peacefully with other pets
  • Living with children
  • Not counter surfing
  • Reinforcing crate use
  • Staying off furniture

When a home is found that’s right for a foster dog, foster families take their foster dog to meet up with the Home Visit team, typically on a Saturday morning. If their dog isn’t adopted, they meet the Home Visit team later in the day to retrieve their foster.

What we provide
GPA/N supports foster homes with one-on-one orientation and training. We also provide:

  • A crate and bedding, if needed
  • Foster food
  • Veterinary care


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Ready to be a foster home? If you are a current or former GPA/N adopter, contact us at Non-greyhound owners and people who have adopted through other greyhound groups or directly from the track, CLICK HERE to access the foster application.