Heat Can Kill

Even a short run on a hot day can trigger a heat event. Inside in the AC is better.

A GPAN hound died Friday from heat exhaustion. He wasn't out long. Temperatures in the 80s and 90s are brutal for our thin-skinned greyhounds. It's worse if your dog has a chronic illness, is out of shape or 8 and older. It happens fast and once the process of heat exhaustion starts, it's hard to reverse.

Prevention is key.

  • Keep your hound indoors in the AC as much as possible and make potty breaks short. Definitely no running or romping.
  • Have fresh water available at all times.
  • Walk your dog only in the early morning or late evening; keep walks brief. Walk him in the grass to avoid the extra heat from concrete and blacktop. Offer water frequently and carry a spray water bottle so you can dampen your dog's ears, belly and feet to cool them.
  • If you must take your dog in the car, cool it first and keep the AC on high. NEVER LEAVE YOUR DOG IN THE CAR. IF IT'S TOO HOT FOR YOU IN THE CAR, IT'S DEFINITELY TOO HOT FOR YOUR HOUND.
  • If you suspect your hound is suffering from heat exhaustion - dry, tacky gums, excessive panting, stupor, drooling, inability to stand or remain standing - turn the car's AC on full blast and go immediately to the nearest vet or pet emergency clinic. Don't wait. Your hound is counting on you to keep him safe. Don't let him down.

A wading pool filled with cool water can help keep a greyhound comfortable.

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