April is Greyhound Adoption Month

April is Adopt Retired Racing Greyhound month and you're key in spreading the word about what terrific pets these dogs make.

You and your hound are the best marketing tools greyhound adoption has. Print copies of these posters and hang them where people will see them - bulletin boards at work and at church, the library, coffee bars, your vet, pet stores and restaurants. The handy tear-tags make it easy for people to follow up.

Meanwhile, here are other easy greyhound adoption promotion ideas you can use:

  • Walk your hound where folks will naturally be able to meet him.
  • When the weather allows, take your hound on errands - bank, library, drugstore, restaurant drive-throughs and encourage folks to ask about that friendly head poking out of the car window.
  • Volunteer to bring your hound to service club meetings - Rotary, Civitans, Knights of Columbus - schools and community meetings and use that to spotlight about what great pets greyhounds make.
  • During mild weather, take crowd-friendly hounds to summer festivals, fairs and other places people gather.

The more people who meet greyhounds, the more word spreads about their sweet nature and how quickly they become loving couch potatoes.

GPA/N helping out

Black Oak Magoo

On Monday we got the call. Black Oak Magoo, a former Southland dog who is now racing at Naples Fort Myers, took a bad step while racing which resulted in a compound fracture.

Magoo needs a $3000 surgery to repair his broken leg. Broken leg dogs are the dogs that are most at risk. Even though our Angel Fund (the broken leg dog fund) is currently overdrawn, GPA/Nashville is going to put your donation dollars to work and will divert resources from other areas to make sure that Magoo gets the help he needs now.

If you would like to help Magoo and dogs like him, please consider donating to our Angel Fund*.

*Money loaned from GPA/N's other funds to pay Magoo's medical bills may be restored using donations to the Angel Fund.

Black Oak Magoo was a good racer with 119 races under his silk, but soon he will be ready for a couch. Perhaps yours?

Painting Party 2


Seventeen novice painters searched their souls and transformed hounds to canvas on Sunday April 6th. In doing so GPA/Nashville raised $329.82 all of which will go to the Angel fund to help dogs like Magoo.