These Senior Dogs Need Homes

When older dogs lose their homes, it's always sad and inevitably, it takes longer for them to find new ones than younger hounds. It's a leap of faith to take in a senior but they reward us with a kind of love only they can provide. Zoom's recent adoption demonstrates this faith. Thank you, Sally and Randy, for giving this sweet boy a good home.

It's Time to Celebrate!

Thx. to everyone whose donations helped us match the $1,500 pledge by an anonymous donor. With your help, we hit it with $17 to spare. How cool is that?

This matching campaign enables us to rebuild the resources we use to encourage and pay for the adoption of dogs 8 and older. To learn more about the benefits of adopting senior hounds like Poncho and Elvis, read up on our Senior Incentives.

Some Recent Adoptions

Congratulations to Woody who was recently adopted by Katherine & Gerald

Congratulations to Best who was recently adopted by James & Jaime

Congratulations to Felix who was recently adopted by Dan & Latisha

Congratulations to Rhythm who was recently adopted by Hannah & Samuel