These Senior Need Homes

When older dogs lose their homes, it's always sad and inevitably, it takes longer for them to find new ones than younger hounds. It's a leap of faith to take in a senior but they reward us with a kind of love only they can provide.

Poncho, Elvis and Zoom were returned to GPAN recently through no fault of their own. Poncho's owner moved to assisted living. Elvis's owner was relocating and Zoom was anxious about the human pup that had joined his pack.


Matching Fund:


An anomomous donor will match up to $1500 in donations. Please help us help these senior dogs.

All three of these dudes are in good health for their age, get around well and thrive on being with their people. Senior hounds are adjusted to life as a pet and can make an excellent second (or third) hound in a pack.

GPAN encourages the adoption of dogs 8 and older through our Senior Incentives program. There's no adoption fee to established adopters who take a senior; new adopters pay $175. And seniors come with the same benefits as other GPAN hounds such as vetting and six months of heartworm medication. In addition, senior adopters receive a one-time, $150 stipend to help with vet services for their senior. Through the Oshkosh Maximum fund, each senior's owner can apply for a grant up to $500 for unexpected or costly vet care.

So read up on Poncho, Elvis and Zoom on their blogs and consider opening your heart and home to one of them. They just want a new home where they can do what greyhounds do best - be affectionate friends and loyal companions for life. Have questions about senior adoption? Click here.

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